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1) Why should I register on e-GP as a supplier? Is it only for me to get the ZPPA certificate? It has become necessary for all suppliers who intend to participate in public procurement to register on the e-GP System. This is because ZPPA has discontinued the manual registration process and issuance of physical registration certificates. Further, suppliers need to register on the e-GP System in order to for them to participate in tenders that are floated on the System. 15/05/2017 e-GP_FAQs.pdf
2) How do I access the e-GP system to register as a supplier? The e-GP System can be accessed by going to the following links: i. https://eprocure.zppa.org.zm/epps OR ii. https://zppa.org.zm/epps 15/05/2017 e-GP_FAQs.pdf
3) What if it’s a foreign company? If you are a foreign company, make sure you select “Foreign Company” on the company type drop down list on Step 1 of the registration process. 15/05/2017 e-GP_FAQs.pdf
4) On the “Attachment” field, what should I attach? You can attach your CEEC certificate if you are registered with CEEC. If not you can skip it. 15/05/2017 e-GP_FAQs.pdf
5) On step 1 of the registration process, what is the relevance of the “Retrieve details from OSSIS” button? Is it ok if I skip it? This is relevant for you to pull your company details from PACRA/ZRA. This step should not be skipped. If you skip it, you will have problems going to Step2 of the registration process. 15/05/2017 e-GP_FAQs.pdf
6) On step 2 of the registration process, how do I choose the categories? Is it ok if I skip this step? To choose categories, click on the search button, a pop-up window appears, in that window, type the keyword (in line with the category you wish to add), in the search field and click “Search”. The system retrieves all categories containing the keyword you typed. Choose the category you wish to add by double-clicking the category. It will appear in the selected items list. Repeat this process as many times as necessary. Once done, click the “Submit” button to return to the main window which will display the selected categories. If you skip the step, your profile on the system and your registration record will not show any categories. 15/05/2017 e-GP_FAQs.pdf
7) How many categories should I choose? You may choose as many categories as necessary. However, note that a supplier cannot be denied a chance to participate in a bidding opportunity on account of a missing category on their registration document. In that regard, bidders are encouraged not to choose too many categories, 5 to 7 categories is ideal. 15/05/2017 e-GP_FAQs.pdf
8) Once I successfully register on the e-GP system, what comes next? The system sends you a confirmation email containing a transaction code and a registration document (attachment). The first time you logon to the system, you will be asked to provide the transaction code. Afterwards, you need to pay the registration fee. 15/05/2017 e-GP_FAQs.pdf
9) My confirmation email is missing the transaction number. How do I get a new one? The first time you log in, the system will ask for the transaction code, on that same page, click on the line “resend confirmation” button. The system will resend the transaction code to your email. 15/05/2017 e-GP_FAQs.pdf